In response to this article by Grant Stern in the Huffington Post. Originally posted on Facebook.

Read this, and understand. Bannon is a master storyteller and a shrewd political economist. Trump is a distraction.

Bannon claims he wishes to effect several interesting, even pseudo-progressive policies. However like his inspiration Darth Vader, his methods are dangerous, divisive, and despite (very arguably) good intentions, serve merely to centralize power.

It should be clear to you now that the State — as typified and normalized by the neoliberal economic order that would have survived had Clinton won the election — is in need of a radical, grassroots form of democratic participation. Bernie Sanders knew this, and it is the great disgrace of the Democratic Party that they did not. But hence is the entire issue: “Party over country shall kill this Republic”.

Today’s pathetic contest, if you have not yet noticed, is between the oppressive refulgence of righteous libertarianism and the banal sentimentality of “feel good” social liberalism. The failure everywhere of democrats to notice the creeping reality of the latter, is the reason Trump is now POTUS.

Of course, another world is possible. It is the world lit by the small dark light of “small-d democracy”, grounded in socioeconomic principles of solidarity, ecology, decentralization, peer-to-peer “commoning”, and what might be termed (in the words of Murray Bookchin) post-scarcity anarchism and social ecology. A world where the relationship between State and Individual is empowering, rather than disempowering. This is the world I wish to live in, and the world I want to help build.

Like all imperials, Darth Vader was initially excited by power, then afraid of losing it. This fear is what animates and preserves fascist regimes.

Love—grounded, gracious, unsentimental, whole—is the humble weapon which receives this fear without disregarding its source.

This is the task we all now face.