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The Metabolism of Novelty

The Metabolism of Novelty

'Autos' to 'Oikos'

For a living idea to take root, a paradox is needed. Seeds require insularity, while soil requires complexity. At first glance, these are mutually incompatible states; insularity is characterized by autarky—the state of being economically "closed"—whereas complexity is characterized by ecology, the state of being economically open.

Note the etymology of these words; 'autarky' comes from the Greek autos (self) and arkein (sufficient; also, "to ward off"), whereas 'ecology' comes from the Greek oikos (habitation, home). The first concerns itself with particularity; the latter, with multiplicity.

So how does a

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That Journeys Are Good

If a fir tree had a foot or two like a turtle, or a wing,
Do you think it would just wait for the saw to enter?

You know the sun journeys all night under the earth;
If it didn't, how could it throw up its flood of light in the east?

And salt water climbs with such marvelous swiftness to the sky.
If it didn't, how would the cabbages be fed with the rain?

Have you thought of Joseph lately? Didn't he leave his father in tears, going?
Didn't he then learn how to understand dreams, and give away

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