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Allow who you wish to be
to dance
with who are.

Let fantasy
and reality
in a way
that dazzles anyone
and everyone
who attempts
to find
the crease.

Let the choreographer
in you
fall in love
with her audience,

Let the elm tree
be windswept
at last,

Let the child in you
greet the daybreak
with a kiss
so crowded with longing
it could shatter even
the fugitive shame
of a yet

A poem for a friend
on his birthday.

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That Journeys Are Good

If a fir tree had a foot or two like a turtle, or a wing,
Do you think it would just wait for the saw to enter?

You know the sun journeys all night under the earth;
If it didn't, how could it throw up its flood of light in the east?

And salt water climbs with such marvelous swiftness to the sky.
If it didn't, how would the cabbages be fed with the rain?

Have you thought of Joseph lately? Didn't he leave his father in tears, going?
Didn't he then learn how to understand dreams, and give away

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