I am a perfectionist, which means I rarely publish blog pieces which don't adhere to my ridiculously high standards.

It's unfortunate, as there are many more rudimentary glimmerings that I'd like to use writing to explore, rather than always boxing up and presenting something finished to the world.

I thought I'd use this post as a chance to try out the former.

In my emerging story (The Myth of Laerad), there is a system of magic, not yet fully fleshed out. The basic principle is elemental grammar, expressed within the four alchemical languages of Aquarian, Martian, Tellurian, and Jovian.

Alchemy here refers to manipulation of the four elements (plus a few more, eventually) through linguistic forms. It wouldn't be entirely inaccurate to say this stems from a combination of the Golden Sun series of video games and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Grammar is mastered by adepts, who typically specialise in 1-2 types. Elemental grammar is made up of a series of the following:

  • urvatas, 'fiat verbs' which act primarily as physical spells and which can be combined for unique simple effects,
  • aiskas, 'question verbs' which act primarily as transformation and revelation spells,
  • preskas, 'prayer verbs' which act primarily as summon and healing spells.

The major combinations are earth/fire (Martian/Tellurian), popular amongst the industrial Eastern continent of Kíramyn, and water/air (Aquarian/Jovian), a specialty of the nomadic merchants and monks of the Western continent, Avönell.


See an example of a fiat verb in one of the early chapters—The Adept.

Any and all thoughts are welcome.

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