The world of Μμ is akin to the Lower World of traditional shamanism: a place of primordial, natural power. It should not be thought of as a Hel filled with darkness, but rather a place where the old ways of nature, soul, and the elements rule.

For the past one hundred years, however, the western continent of Kíramyn—a place of fire, earth, and more recently metal—has been experiencing their Age of Enlightenment; a scientific revolution resulting in a swift advancement of technology, industry, and socioeconomic divides.

The western continent of Avönell, meanwhile, remains very much in the arms of the Great Mother (Nature), with the southern nomads, central merchants, and northern monks all more-or-less still allied to Her elemental order.

Demetri Vespar portrait
Demetri Vespar. Artist: Haiwei Hou

The primary protagonist of the Lower Trinity—a young scientist known as Demitri Vespar—left his home in Dregvant (northern capital of Kíramyn) after an embarrassing failure to replicate a fabled phenomena, photogalvanic condensation, in his final examination at the most prestigious scientific community in the world: the Silver Academy of Kíramyn.

Demitri travels to the Foregone Isle of Verímoor, a dark and fearsome place in the middle of the Sea of Souls. Entrusted with an artefact belonging to his late grandfather, he goes with little hope and scarce purpose—not realizing that inside that world axis lies the unlived Dream of the human race.

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